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Skived PTFE Teflon Film Tape
Skived PTFE film exhibits good strength, abrasion resistance and low friction, having a high temperature silicone adhesive back. It conforms well to irregular surfaces and offers higher elongation than modulus skived PTFE. These tapes are widely used on printing and duplicating machinery to help paper slide while remaining resistant to chemicals and inks.
” x 36 yard Roll $34.50 ea.

2” x 36 yard Roll $94.10 ea.  
Extruded PTFE Teflon Tape

Extruded PTFE Film Tape

Known as "the orange tape, the high temperature resistance (500 F, 260 C) and anti-stick properties of Teflon make this tape the ideal product to be used as a release surface. Extremely durable and abrasion resistant, Extruded Teflon will not curl or wrinkle making it long wearing and easy to apply. Extruded Teflon will not leave an adhesive residue when removed, resulting in less equipment downtime

1" x 36 yard Roll
$68.15 ea. 
591 Double Coated Paper Tape
Doublecoated Tape
A bleached flatback paper product coated with a high shear resistant pressure-sensitive natural rubber/resin adhesive on both sides that bond equally as well to almost any surface. White colored easy release treated crepe paper liner is a must have item in Die Cutting and Finishing Departments.
2” x 36 yard Roll
$19.60 ea.
12” x 36 yard Roll
Non Stock Item
Please contact us for current pricing and availability
UMHW 10 Mil Tape
10 MIL UHMW Tape
Ultra high molecular weight tape allows for high abrasion resistance and moderate chemical resistance, extreme slickness and superior sound dampening. UHMW is more abrasion resistant than PTFE films, resisting puncture and gouging, it is an ideal material for applications requiring high slip and durability. This FDA approved substrate is supplied with a high tack acrylic adhesive on one side and suitable for temperatures up to 225F.
2” x 36 yard Roll
Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, 13 oz 13 oz. Vaseline
Petroleum Jelly
$5.45 ea. 
Brass Bristled
Wire toothbrush style cleaner
Three rows of bristles by seven, with bent handle approximately 7 3/4" long. An especially popular item for cleaning various parts and assemblies.
$1.25 ea. 
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